Player Registration Guidelines

All player registrations are carried out via the league web site. The league will provide the club managers with their club login details. Full instructions on how the registration process works can be found here.

Physical photos in any printed form will no longer be accepted. All photos must be digital. Ensure that you read and understand the following guidelines for acceptable photos.

  • The photos should be in JPEG format.

  • Digital photos must be individual mug shots of the players, at least 640x480 or 480x640 pixels resolution and taken in good lighting conditions and not during night time.

  • Magnified cut outs from squad photos, scanned holiday or family snaps will NOT be accepted.

  • Ensure that the photo is not zoomed in on the player's face or body so that it can be properly cropped.

  • Ensure that the player is not in shadow and not wearing any hats or other items that obscures the face.

  • If submitting photos by email, they MUST be named with the players ID, FULL name and suffixed with the player's Date Of Birth in the form "Player ID - Full name - DD-MM-YYYY.jpg".

    • e.g. "1079 - John Smith - 06-05-1953.jpg"

You will be glad to know that as a general rule, you only need to provide photos for new players only or those players for whom a photo has been specifically requested by the player registration secretary. That means, you do not need photos for any players that were registered in previous seasons.

There is a minimum requirement of 16 and a maximum limit of 30 registered players at any one time during the season. If you do not have 16 players registered at any one time, your fixtures will be forfeited until you have registered enough players to meet this minimum requirement. Additional players can only be registered provided the maximum limit of 30 has not been reached or exceeded. If that is the case, enough players must be unregistered or transferred to other clubs before the new registrations can be completed.

The first 30 registrations are provided free but anything after that will incur a fee of £3.00 per registration. Note that the first 30 registrations includes all unregistered and transferred players.

All ID cards, where provided, are league property and must be returned to the player registration secretary at the end of the season after the very last game has been played or by 31 May at the latest. Any ID card requested by the player registration secretary for whatever reason must be surrendered immediately. Failing to return them will incur a fine of £5.00 per missing card.