Matchday Guidelines

The designated kick-off times for the league are at 10:30 am for morning games, 1:30 pm for afternoon games in Tower Hamlets and 2:00pm for afternoon matches.

Games must begin on time but if a referee is not able to attend on time then a ten minute allowance should be given. If for whatever reason the referee fails to attend after that, the home team must liaise with the away team and nominate a referee within another 10 minutes. The away team must accept the nominated referee whoever it is and the game should begin within another 5 minutes (25 minutes from original kick-off time).

The chosen referee then has full authority over the game and must complete the WHOLE game and not just a portion of it. The normal referee's fee must still be paid by the home side. In such an event, the home club manager must inform the referee to play 35 minutes each half instead of the normal 45 minutes. It is also the home club manager's responsibility to inform the league of the referee's full name and contact details on the match card and when reporting the result.

Both teams must have a match card filled out with the list of all the players including any substitutes that you intend to use and hand it in to the referee BEFORE the game begins. Only the players listed on the match card will be allowed to participate in the game so it is important to complete this fully. Any time wasted filling out the card after the designated kick-off time will be deducted from the total match time. If it becomes necessary to add/replace players for any reasons, this must be done so with the referees permission. Failing to provide the match card or playing unnamed players can lead to fines of £25.

Before the match begins, each team should check the opposition ID cards to ensure that all players are registered to play in the league. A request to view the ID cards must be honoured but if it is not, then the requesting club is under no obligation to participate in the game. The match will be awarded to them with a 0-0 score line if they refuse to play. If they do continue to play their rights are still protected if any of the players are later found to be ineligible for the match and the referee can verify that the infringing players did play in the match.

It is the home clubs responsibility to ensure that suitable match balls are provided and the referee is offered some refreshments at the half time interval, even if only a drink of water. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £10.

Any teams delaying kick-off by 10 minutes after the designated kick-off time for whatever reason (includes filling out the match card) while the opposition team and the referee are ready will be fined £25.00 and a further delay of 5 minutes will result in a forfeit. All players must wear the full team kit in use at the fixture or be liable to a fine of £10.

At the end of the game the remainder of the match card must be completed and signed by the reporting club manager and opposition club manager having confirmed the final score, all goal scorers and all bookings. A man of the match from the opposition side and the referees ratings must also be provided. These are important for accurate statistics and league administration purposes.

The completed match card should then be sent to the results secretary to arrive by no later than Wednesday 7pm following the game. The result must also be reported using the automated SMS reporting facility on the day of the match at the latest. Full SMS reporting and contact details are on the match cards.

Please complete the match cards fully and accurately in legible writing. Penalties for failure to do so can be severe up to and including forfeit of the match.