Guidelines For Referees

The table below lists all the league rules applicable to referees and clubs during any match in addition to the normal rules of the game. For any concerns or queries relating to any fixtures or after any games please contact the referee's secretary. Failing that, you should contact the league chair or general secretary.

In addition to the rules below, please pay special attention to the following points before, during and after each game:-

Before the game begins:

  • The fully completed match cards from both teams MUST be collected BEFORE the game begins. If any teams delay kick off as a result of not having their card ready within ten minutes of the kick-off time, rule 10(g) should be applied and the appropriate match card marked accordingly.

  • If a club does not provide a match card within a further five minutes a 0-0 forfeit should be awarded to the opposition.

  • Only the players named on the match cards will be allowed to play in the game. Additional players can not be added to the list once the card has been received and the match has started unless there are extenuating circumstances such as injuries etc.

  • Check that corner posts are installed and a suitable match ball is provided. If not, this should be reported when reporting the results.

During the game:

  • All substitutions, cautions and sending-off's should be recorded on the match cards as the game progresses.

After the game has ended:

  • The match result and any cautions/sending off should be reported as soon as possible but no later than Tuesday midday.

Rules Summary
Rule Description
8(i) Match shall be forfeit by any team refusing to honour a request to inspect their player ID cards either by league officials or opposition manager.
9(c) No player shall be entitled to wear black or very dark shirts or shorts.
9(e) In the event of two clubs having similar coloured kits (in the opinion of the referee), the away club shall bear responsibility to change their colour.
9(g) All club strips must be numbered and be of sufficient contrast against the kit colour to be clearly distinguishable.
9(h) All players must wear the same full team kit. This includes shirts, shorts and socks.
9(h) Long legged shorts may be worn provided it is worn as an undergarment to the official shorts in use at the fixture.
10(c) Unless otherwise informed, all matches must begin at 10:30am or 1:30pm (2:00pm at Hackney Marshes)
10(g) Any club delaying kick off by more than 15 minutes from the designated time shall forfeit the game with a 0-0 score line.
10(g) Any club delaying kick off by more than 10 minutes (but less than 15 minutes) from the designated time should be marked as delaying the game on the match card.
10(i) The home club must provide a suitable match ball.
10(n) All clubs are allowed 3 substitutions during any match from a maximum of seven named players on the match card.
10(s) No extra time will be played in cup rounds except in the semi-final and final.
10(v) All clubs must provide corner flags in their home fixtures.
10(w) All matches shall have a duration of 90 minutes and not less than 70. Both halfs of the match must be of equal lengths.
10(x) Double bankers shall be played over two games of 60 minutes each game with 15 minutes break between the games and 10 minutes half time break. In this case, two match fees will be payble. Only, if both managers agree, a single 90 minute game can be played for 6 points and one match fee will be payable.
13(b) If the referee does not attend at the designated kick-off time, a 10 minute allowance shall be given after which time 13(c) will apply
13(c) If the referee does not attend within 10 minutes of the kick-off time, the home club must liaise with the away club manager and nominate a referee within ten minutes. A referee thus appointed must referee the whole game (not any small portion of it) and have the full powers, status and authority of a registered Referee. The home club manager should inform the appointed referee that in such cases that game should be played 35 minutes each half. The game, in these circumstances should begin no later than 25 minutes from the original kick-off time.
13(d) A referee not keeping his engagement, and failing to give a satisfactory explanation as to his non-appearance, shall have his name removed from the League List of Referees, and the fact reported to the Football Association with which he is registered.
13(e) Referees not reporting results will be summoned before the LEC and failing to give a satisfactory explanation may have his name removed from the list and reported to the association with which he is registered.
13(f) In the event of a match not being played because of circumstances over which the Clubs have no control, the match Officials, if present, shall be entitled to 50% of the usual fee from the home club.
13(g) The home Club shall offer the match officials their fees before the match. The fees have been agreed at the AGM and shall be £30.00.