Veterans League FAQ

Q1. What is the duration of each game?

All games are 40 mins in total with a short break in between where teams will swap sides.

Q2. How many subs are allowed?

Maximum of 5 subs are allowed per game on roll on/off basis (referee must be notified when making subs)

Q3. What is the minimum number of players can we use to start the game?

Games can only start with a minimum of 5 players on the field of play.

Q4. What if the opposition team do not turn up on time?

Any team failing to field a minimum of 5 players within 5 minutes of kick-off time will forfeit their game as a 0 – 0 lost.

Q5. How do I submit results?

Send text message to 07860017425 with the following text ‘YourTeamName won 2 1’ or ‘YourTeamName lost 3 1’

Please do NOT use greetings or other spurious messages in the text as the destination is not a real person – it’s a computer so anything more than the actual result will throw out an error! Remember to spell the team name exactly as shown on the help page.

Q6. How and where do I send the match card? Where do I get it from?

Login to your club account and then download it from the Downloads menu on the ILFL web site. All your registered players will already be in the form for you to select from the dropdown lists. Complete it fully each ween and email a photo of the completed form to within 3 days of the match.

Q7. What if there is a kit clash?

The away team is responsible for ensuring there is no kit clash. If in any doubt bring a set of bibs to all fixtures to avoid this.

Q8. What if the opposition team is playing an unregistered or underage player?

Verify the player using our website or talking directly to the opposition manager. If not satisfied then ask the referee to make a visual note of the player so that he can confidently identify him later. Gather other evidence if possible and send a complaint within 3 days of the incident. Unregistered or underage players will not be tolerated and teams will face severe punishment if they are found guilty.

Q9. Are hats scarves and hooded tops allowed?

Absolutely not. Anyone failing to abide by this rule will be sent off. Full length tracksuits are permitted during adverse weather conditions i.e. if the temperature dips below 3 degrees.

Q10. What do you mean 11-a-side rules apply with some exceptions like no off-side?

If keeper picks up from a back pass a direct free-kick will be awarded, players are allowed in the goalie area, proper throws and corner kicks should be taken just like 11-a-side except there are NO off-side rules.

Q11. Please expand on Q9 e.g. free kicks and penalties

Free kicks must be taken with the opposition players kept free of at least 5 yards. 1 step penalty rule has been abolished from VL8.

Q12. Tell me more about player registration? - Simple, Do not play unregistered players!

You can register as many players as you want upto a maximum of 20. Registering more than 20 will incur a charge of £5 per player and an existing player has to be unregistered first. A new player must be registered by Tuesday mid-night for Thursday fixture.