The Veterans League (35+)

The Veterans League is a 7-a-side midweek league for the over 35’s only. ILFL in partnership with Sonali Othith were the first to launch this competition in Tower Hamlets in the winter of 2012. The idea behind this league was to improve the overall health, well-being and social life of the community’s middle age group.

Since its launch, the veterans football scene has boomed. The 2013 winter season and following years saw steady increase in participation. The first summer version saw that number increase again but had to be limited due to availability of facilities. Interest in the format extends to many different communities, some even outside of London. Veterans football has now truly been set ablaze in the borough and it is here to stay. It will surely continue to grow year on year for many years to come. Here is an extract from a comment made in Facebook:

What makes this league so exciting and special is that, the participating teams have the best breed of footballers (cream of the crop) from a single generation competing against each other every week for 4 months.

This league has everything from passion to devotion through to spine-tingling animation. It was no surprise that, this league was a complete sell-out from the moment it was announced.

Initially the project was launched for the winter months only, however soon after the inauguration of the competition, interest started to flow in from all over London and as far as Luton/Milton Keynes. It was quiet obvious that people couldn't wait to reap the health, wellbeing and social benefits. The league continues to grow at a consist rate and shows no signs of slowing down for the forseeable future and the only limiting factor may be the available facilities.