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Bow FC was established in February 2010 under the Organisation BYO (Bow Youth Organisation). Our first project was to form a football team for the local youths as we strongly believe Football is a beautiful game which brings everyone from all types of backgrounds and ethnicity to a level field.

As everyone would agree when a game of football is played teams leave all the differences behind on the touchline and that is the beauty of the game. This is what we are trying to achieve.

We are getting our young people together to show there is much more to life than gangs, drugs and violence and by forming this team we will establish ourselves and we will be offering the young people with an option, a chance to get off the streets. It will give them purpose and a belonging. We would like to channel the youths’ energy and aggression and enable them to compete positively.

Our mission as with all the team in the league is to WIN! But not just win the league but win over our local people, in particular the youth towards a common GOAL!