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Newark Youth London was formed in 1984 by a group of young people aged between 9-12 years old. This group congregated at the old London Hospital Car Park in Newark Street (now the Centre of the Cell building) and played football thus eventually deciding to call themselves Newark United FC. The organisation started as a loosely run football team but has now expanded and has over 100 members. Newark has also diversified its activities and now offers not only football but educational, social and other recreational activities for young people.

Pioneers of Bengali/Asian Football

During the late 1980's Newark decided to lead the way by taking Bengali/Asian football further thus becoming the first Bengali team from Tower Hamlets to play in an affiliated league. Newark joined the Abbey Gauge South Essex League in the 1989/90 season. The following season, Newark won the East London Floodlight League, First Division Cup in 1990/91 season. This was a major step for a local team and paved the way for many other local teams to play league football.  The senior team now plays in the Essex Business Houses Football League, one of 2 local teams to play Saturday league football. The reserves play in the Inner London Football League on Sunday.

Pioneers of Youth Football

In 1996 Newark Youth London took the initiative to set up a youth team to develop the next generation of players. This was a major step because no other local team had a youth team or youth development structure. Newark showed how important it was to develop new talents for the future. Newark now has 3 youth teams playing in the Newham Youth League and is the sole Asian representative in the league. Newark is hoping to build on this and increase the number of teams. Newark youth teams have had lot of success playing in local leagues. The youth teams have won the SNC League 3 times and are currently playing in the Tower Hamlets Summer Youth League.