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Hawk & Eagle FC (hawkandeagle.org) is a voluntary organisation, based in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, established in 2012. The organisation is the social arm of Hawk & Eagle Property Consultants (hawkandeagle.com). Hawk & Eagle FC is a social inclusion and positive activities platform that promotes healthy living and active sports. It’s beneficiaries are male adults aged 16 years old and over from the Greater London area. The orgnisation uses football as a tool to engage with the community at large and motivates and encourages youths and adults alike to take up football as a sport and hobby.

Football is a team sport which promotes individual skills and creativity. It teaches the beneficiaries the importance of physical excercise, healthy eating, discipline and communication. It also brings beneficiaries from all ethnic backgrounds under one platform - the platform of equality and harmony. Football is demanding and places a lot of emphasis on discipline. The beneficiaries have a sense of belonging and take responsibility for their own lifestyles by engaging in regular excercise and healthy living through the training sessions and matches. The very same beneficiaries will, one day, educate and influence their families, friends colleagues and others to take up sports and healthy eating, thus creating a culture of best practice. Active sports, a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and discipline will ultimately contribute to the wellbeing and quality of life for the society at large.

Hawk & Eagle FC’s Management Committee and its volunteers are from a business and professional background, bringing with them valuable experience and sets of unique skills. They are very active and hands-on with supervising and helping with activity planning. The volunteers are a big and integral part of Hawk & Eagle FC and are often beneficiaries also. They play a key role in organising and running events on a regular basis.

Hawk & Eagle FC currently runs a senior team for over 16 year olds and a veterans for the over 35’s. The ambition to start up a youth team for the under 16’s is a realistic vision and we are working towards that. The organisation is proudly sponsored by Hawk & Eagle Property Consultants (hawkandeagle.com) and Faysgroup (faysgroup.com).