ILFL Soccer Night

Live on Ntv, Sky Channel 838

Every Monday @ 8pm

Repeats on every Wed @ 3:00pm

Also available to watch Live from anywhere on the internet using NTV Player

ILFL Celebrates The 2013/14 Awards at
The Royal Regency



ILFL Summer League 2014 - Premier Division Champions
Tower Hamlets


ILFL Summer League 2014 - First Division Champions

UK Bangladeshi Championship 2014 Winners
West Yorkshire




Inter League Champions Cup 2013/14 Winners
Black Meteors




ILFL Super Cup 2014 Winners
Tower Hamlets


ILFL Legends Cup 2014 Winners
London Tigers


ILFL League Cup Winners
Beaumont Athletic



ILFL Premier Division 2013/14
Champions, Sponsored by

London Tigers



ILFL & Sonali Othith Veterans League 2013/14Champions, Sponsored by

Tower Hamlets FC